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The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

How to DigiKomi

DoKomi goes digital!

You want to take part in the virtual online convention DigiKomi and don't get how to join yet?

Here is an overview for you!

We tried to explain everything as simple as possible, so you can get the most possible entertainment from the convention!

DigiKomi takes place online on the weekend of 22nd of May 2021!

Opening times:

  • Saturday: 12:00 AM (CET) - 10:00 PM (CET)

How to participate

All platforms presented by #DigiKomi are free and very easy to use!

DigiKomi takes place on the following online platforms:

Welcome to Creamy Island

Immerse yourself in the virtual #DigiKomi world with your own personal avatar!

On "Creamy Island" you can stroll around, visit artists and exhibitors virtually, chat and get to know others, and even take part in a scavenger hunt! There is so much to discover in this world!

  • Here you will find a detailed tutorial on how to install VRChat, enter Creamy Island and how choose an avatar: How To VRChat
  • The VRChat works with and without VR glasses!
  • Optional: To voice chat with other visitors in real time, you only need a headset/microphone/speaker.

Two days full of live program!

You can follow a wide-ranging program on the DoKomiTV live stage via Twitch livestream. Musical show acts, dance workshops, competitions, community games and panels provide great entertainment and the most important part: interactivity!

  • Here you will find the program schedule for the Twitch livestream!
  • With a Twitch account you can also participate in the chat and influence the program directly
  • As a guest viewer, you can watch the livestream without a Twitch account and simply participate in some interactive program items.

On Discord, you can chat with other fans or voice chat in many different channels with different topics.

Share your experiences from the #DigiKomi weekend with us on Twitter!

Show us your cosplays, fashion styles or selfies from the #StayHome territory! Share your highlights from the Twitch livestream or screenshots from the VR world! Celebrate your fandom with others! This weekend we are flooding the entire network with #DigiKomi content!

  • With a Twitter account you can share texts or pictures with us using the hashtag #digikomi and / or @dokomi.
  • As a highlight: The coolest or funniest texts and photos are shown in the Twitch livestream!

Share your best moments from the DigiKomi weekend with us on Instagram! Show us your cosplays, fashion styles or selfies from the #StayHome territory! Share your highlights from the Twitch livestream or screenshots from the VR world! This weekend we are flooding the entire network with DigiKomi content!

  • With an Instagram account you can use the hashtag #digikomi and @dokomi_expo to share pictures with us as a contribution or story.
  • As a highlight: the coolest and funniest posts are shown in the Twitch livestream! Maybe your post will be there;D

Virtual Bring and Buy

By this time, you probably had the opportunity to sort out all your merch, cosplays which you no longer need, but would make other owners and buyers happier.

Put your articles on ebay Kleinanzeigen, so that other visitors can find your goods! But also vice versa, maybe you will find something that you always wanted or suddenly need;D

  • You need an account on ebay Kleinanzeigen
  • As a seller: Use this in the item description: "#DoKomi | #DigiKomi"
  • As a buyer: You can enter "#DoKomi | #DigiKomi" in the search bar so that you can find items from other sellers

Preparation at home

  • Have your PC / laptop / smartphone charged ! Because on both days you will have a full program from morning to evening!
  • Cosplay your favorite character or style yourself in your favorite fashion pieces! This is how the con feeling comes up!
  • Also important: stock up on enough food, snacks and drinks! You cannot enjoy a con when you are hungry and thirsty;D

♥ We look forward to many of you joining in and having lots of fun together while creating an unforgettable virtual convention weekend at #DigiKomi! ♥