9. + 10.10.2021DigiKomi x Amazon

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

Lucky Chocolate Maids & Sweet Spice Hosts

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama! - Youkoso!

The maids of the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café and the hosts of the Sweet Spice Hosts Club will welcome you at DigiKomi 2021!

Do you miss the convention time as much as we do? Yes? Then visit and spend some time with us in the Discord Voice Chat and get an experience similar to a real Maid Café and Host Club with your maids and hosts - but you can stay at home!

In the Discord Voice Chat you can spend half an hour of live entertainment and fun conversations with your maid or host.

How can I participate?

Please join our Discord server first.

Then you can find a detailed guide on how to book a call with your maid or host in the pinned messages (click on the pin icon) in the channel #reservierung-maid_café-host_club. If you need any help, feel free to ask our Discord team for help!

We are looking forward to you !!

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