22. May 2021Stay at home!

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

Yosakoi Danceworkshop

Traditional meets modern! The dance style for everyone!

What is yosakoi?

Yosakoi is a traditional dance style that is often performed at Japanese festivals.. Large groups dance on stage or in the form of a parade. Many modern influences make the choreographies fresh and fun. Here are a few videos from the most popular teams at Yosakoi Festivals 2019:




Yosakoi contains many easy dance steps and can therefore be learned very quickly.

How can I participate?

For the online dance workshop you only need a little space in your room, water and the energy to join a small different kind of workout :)

We will learn and dance the first minute of a so-called "Souodori" dance. Yosakoi teams have their own new choreographies every year. Souodori choreographies on the other hand are dances that can be learned and danced by any individual.

Be a part of the online workshop and maybe you can join the festival dancesduring your next vacation in Japan! : D

Sharon, the leader of this workshop also streams frequently dance workshops on her Twitch Channel :) Feel free to visit her if you want to start dancing already!

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