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Fuyumi Toba

Sit back and enjoy story time with a kingfisher VTuber!

Hi everybirdy!

Nice to meet you, my name is Fuyumi Toba, a kingfisher from paradise.

Board games, video games, TCGs and storytelling are my passion. I create »How to play« videos for board games and videos about my lore! Find me on Youtube where I stream almost every day.

Maybe we can play some games together?

About Fuyumi Toba

Fuyumi Toba comes from a special group of kingfishers which consists of descendants of Alcyone and Ceyx from Greek mythology.

Having spent her whole life in paradise, she has heard so many stories about the human world that one day she decided to sneak out.

Accompanied by her brother Bau-kun, she ventured into the human world and found a necklace which originally allowed Alcyone and Ceyx to switch between their human and kingfisher forms.

However, Fuyumi messed up the transformation, causing her feathers to get scattered over the whole world - along with the magical energy of the necklace which was running through them.

In order to transform back into her kingfisher form and return home, she now has to find all of her feathers to restore the power of the necklace.

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