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Get super-bargains with us on Discord during DigiKomi!

Without Cons no beautiful exhibitor stands, great merch offers and great deals? Don't worry, we have prepared something for you. Together with selected partners, you have the chance of attractive bargains that are regularly posted in our offer channel. But be careful, the bargains are always limited in time! It is therefore worth checking the channel frequently. : 3

You can find the offer channel with us on discord! You can expect great offers from the following partners:

  • Figuya
  • Manga Mafia
  • Nipponbashi
  • KawaiiMerch
  • Aqvami
  • LUMA Papers by MAY+SPIES

Whether anime, characters, Japanese snacks, animal crossing drinks, merchandise, plushies - everything is covered and waiting for you. : D

All partners are also sponsors of DigiKomi and we thank you very much for your support! We would be happy if you would support them accordingly!

We wish you happy shopping!