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A new interpretation of the mecha genre?

Mecha has been one of the most popular anime and manga genres since the 1970s. The gigantic, human-controlled robots in ever new variations ensure spectacular action and rousing human drama.

In this discussion panel, we take a look back at the genre's roots and key milestones and explain how Neon Genesis Evangelion revolutionized the conventions of mecha anime in the mid-1990s

Finally, let's take a look at DARLING in the FRANXX, probably the most popular Mecha anime series currently, which has been the subject of much controversy among fans. How does DARLING in the FRANXX relate to previous representatives of the genres, especially to Neon Genesis Evangelion? What new impulses does it give series? What led to DARLING in the FRANXX becoming so popular on Crunchyroll on the one hand and providing so much fuel for discussion on the other?

As part of the German DVD and Blu-ray release of DARLING in the FRANXX by KAZÉ Anime from June 22nd, we welcome you to this discussion round:

  • Steven Rettka from Anime Spiegel (animespiegel.de)
  • Miki Koch from AnimeSlam-Podcast (animeslam.de)
  • René Kayser from the german Crunchyroll-Team (crunchyroll.com)

Host: Michel Decomain, KAZÉ (kaze-online.de)