9. + 10.10.2021DigiKomi x Amazon

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity


Social media panel with Jinja

Learn how to grow a community on SNS!

HOOOOOOI!! I'm Jinja, a Succub- ...I mean, a little mountain goat that has streamed for about 4 years on twitch now! I started making content on other platforms like YouTube even earlier and I still like to mess around a lot~ I decided to leave the underworld because in this world everything can be so merry and fun! I just love to make people happy and cheer them up owo

I am excited to talk to you guys at this DigiKomi! I would like to share my experiences on how I grew my channel this far so other, smaller VTubers or content creators can maybe use some advice to grow their channels too! I know, nowadays it's difficult to stand out but I am sure if we share our experience we can learn from each other and maybe see an improvement owo I am excited to meet you!!

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