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Dr Inis's MÄÄÄÄH class

About Inis

MÄÄÄÄHHH!!!! I AM INIS!!! I’m just a ordinary sheep from Germany!! With human legs and arms!!!! I stream games, art, sing karaoke or just give you my love in just chatting!! I also hold some very "special" classes for my sheep peeps to help them learn about all kinds of things like erupting Volcanoes, Mayonnaise, being a Manly Man and getting a görlfriend!!! The sheep community is strong and just wants to spread some löv and comfyness! No stinky drama, only löv!! MÄH!

About today's class

In todays MÄÄH class I will teach you the differences and commonities between man and wamen !!!!!! You always wanted to know why you have a pocket in your throat or no beard even though u are a woman ?? PROFESSOR DOKTOR INIS WILL SHOW YOU!!!!!!!! MÄÄÄÄH!!!!!

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