9. + 10.10.2021DigiKomi x Amazon

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

DoKomi Discord Channel

Meet DoKomi fans and Otakus in our Otaku Discord Channel!

Lonely through isolation and quarantine? Then join our DoKomi Discord Channel and exchange ideas with your friends - or get to know new like-minded people! :D

We have prepared special channels for you to communicate. Whether you are a cosplayer, otaku or artist, wanna talk about J-fashion or J-music or about the latest anime - you will find a place to share your thoughts!

Use our voice channel with your friends and talk about the latest happenings at DigiKomi:D Follow the special livestream together and be "lonely" together, but still right in the middle of what's happening!

Discord Interactive

We happily invite you to cosplay during DigiKomi and to post funny pictures & selfies of you at home or at the convention in cosplay.

The invitation link to join our Discord Channel is here!

We will shortly provide a video tutorial for you so that you can join the Discord chat smoothly!

For further questions or comments, send us an email to info@dokomi.de!