22. May 2021Stay at home!

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Who can unmask the Fakenews?

If proper otakus and nerds love one thing, then it's correcting others! For this reason, we are now giving you the opportunity to put your extensive otaku knowledge to the test.

We present 3 candidates and the audience a statement about an anime that contains false information (aka fakenews :3). The candidate and you have to decide which part of the statement is wrong. A task for real nerds with dedication. :D There are always 4 choices - but whoever is correct the quickest gets the most points! Finally (useless) knowledge pays off. :D

You can actively guess from home and, with a little luck, land in the top 3 of the leaderboard!

For the candidates of the show there is one more important detail: in order to show nerdy arrogance and accuracy, an answer always has to start with the words "Ehm, actually ..." in order to get a point. (This is not necessary for participants from home) This is the only way to finally express a correction to prayer!

We wish you lots of fun. :D