23rd and 24th May 2020Stay at home!

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

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Fundraiser during DigiKomi

We hope you have a lot of fun this weekend and meet many new friends - even if we all have to stay at home right now! As you probably know, DoKomi 2020 should have taken place this weekend. Due to the acute situation surrounding the corona virus, we had to postpone DoKomi it to autumn 2020 and instead offer you the DigiKomi as a small replacement this weekend. :)

A lot of passion and work went into organizing this new concept! And even if this does not replace a conventional convention, we hope at least with innovative impulses to shorten the time until the next DoKomi. : 3

Of course, we offer all parts of the program for free, regardless of whether livestream from a professional studio or the virtual world (on which an entire team worked intensively for 6 weeks). If you voluntarily contribute to the costs of the project or if you just want to show a little sign of gratitude, we would be very happy to receive a small donation.

You can do this both via the livestream (e.g. via Twitch Prime subscription / Twitch Sub / Cheers), as well as via a PayPal donation link that you see in the navigation.

The DigiKomi project is financed exclusively through sponsorships and donations from the community. If you wish to see more instances of DigiKomi or an expansion of the VR world or something similar in the future, you can actively influence it this way! But of course purely on voluntary basis, in the spirit of a fans for fans project! :3