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The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

Twitch Team DoKomi

Twitch Team DoKomi

DoKomi has been active on Twitch since 2017. With DoKomiTV, DigiKomi, as well as our Livestage, we have been involved on the platform for years and contribute to representing parts of our community and subculture within the digital spheres:

At DoKomiTV we stream for you several times per week. We give you an insight into the planning and news for DoKomi, provide you with background information and transparency about the decisions relating to our convention. In addition, our VTuber maid mascot Tomoko-chan entertaints you, in our Doko Me & You Podcast we talk about the topics that move our community and if you just want to hang out digitally with us, you can join Niklas & Phil in various community games!

With DigiKomi we have been offering a complete concept for everything to do with digital content since 2020, for example with our DigiKomi World, Creamys Island or our Discord channel over 4000 users!

On the Livestage we have been broadcasting part of the DoKomiprogram live online since 2018! Both cosplay contests, concerts, but also Esport tournaments and much more!

The Twitch Team DoKomi:

As a Twitch partner it is and possible to set up a Twitch Team and to support selected streamers from our scene. Anyone who, as a cosplayer, draftsman, otaku, Japanese gamer, VTuber or in the form of another relevant fan project, actively streams on the platform at least once a week can apply immediately for a place in the DoKomi Twitch team!

Members of the DoKomis team receive:

  • featured mentions in our Disocrdserver & Stream announcemnt channel
  • a guaranteed slot as part of the Twitch Meet & Greet Area or Cosplay Tables on the DoKomi (including tickets)
  • You will become part of a team that is engaged, works closely together and is happy to support one another

Of course this means you will continue streaming on your own channel! Collaborations with DoKomiTv are possible anytime though. :)

Application process

Would you like to be part of it? Then please send your application to: twitch@dokomi.de
The application process starts immediately and runs until June 31st, 2021!

Please describe your channel, yourself and your goals, btw. the motivation behind the streaming. This is the best way for us to assess whether it fits and how we can possibly support you beyond the points mentioned above. :)