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VShojo Silvervale

Let the Cherryblossomwolf seduce you

"Hi petals! I'm Silvervale, an english speaking VTuber from Vshojo! I've been streaming for 2 years on Twitch and I play a large variety of games! It's an honor to be a part of DigiKomi among all these talented people and I can't wait to make friends with all of you! "

About Silvervale

Silver is an ōkami sakura spirit who ventured to earth out of loneliness. Upon realizing that fluffy ears are not common in the human realm, she often hides them under a pair of cute headphones. She is a delicate blend of lewd and wholesome, loving to spread joy and cozy vibes. Nothing makes her happier than meeting new friends, and she hopes to encourage them to appreciate the fleeting beauties in life. "

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