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J-Pop singer Shiroku joins DigiKomi!

About Shiroku

J-Pop singer Shiroku covers well-known anime music since 2006 and never fails to entertain her visitors with her outstanding voice and dance performances. In 2009 she started to produce with the label “Cyber Chord Records” several albums and singles and managed to secure a top 40 hit in the Japanese iTunes charts with her single “Bad Apple”. Since 2019 she also published albums with the Japanese label "HAF records".

Not only did she tour over Europe, performing in countries like Japan, Switzerland, Finland and Lithuania, she gained fans all over the world (Mexico, Singapore, Japan, and Laos).

Shiroku participated at cosplay competitions as well, and became one of the German representatives for World Cosplay Summit 2016 and the European Cosplay Gathering 2018, where she placed 2nd in the finals with her partner.


Single / EP

  • 2009: Inori - You Raise Me Up
  • 2011: Bad Apple
  • 2013: Anime Collection - Sword Art Online
  • 2013: Anime Collection - Sailormoon
  • 2013: Anime Rock
  • 2017: Songs from "Yuri!!! on Ice"
  • 2017: Anime X Mas
  • 2019: Songs from Fate
  • And more...


  • 2010: Anime Dreams
  • 2011: Anime Wonderland
  • 2012: Anime No Piano
  • 2015: Anime No Sekai
  • 2017: Anime No Tamashi
  • 2019: Anime No Kokoro
  • 2020: Shiroku #1 ~HAF~
  • 2020: Shiroku - LiSa special
  • And over 80 compilations


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