9. + 10.10.2021DigiKomi x Amazon

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"Best Of" Concert

"Turn your face to the sun and you will leave the shadow behind you."

Saleia is a freelance singer, author and entertainer not only for children parties and weddings, but also for special events and conventions as cosplayer. Known from the television, she portrays her own fictional character called "Sunflower Princess Saleia", she wrote her own fairytale children's book and published her self-written songs on Spotify and YouTube. She also loves to record some covers and cosplay music videos of her favourite Animes, Films or Games. In 2020 Saleia started to stream on Twitch four times a week: she plays different Nintendo Games like Zelda, Super Mario or Pokémon and give some concerts - even in cosplay.

For now, Saleia prepared a "Best Of" Concert in a Flareon Cosplay (Pokémon) for Digikomi 2021. She is going to sing some Anime, Games and Fairytale songs in german, english and french and two of her own written songs of Sunflower Princess Saleia. She is really looking forward to giving you some little joy at home.


  • Sunday: 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)

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