9. + 10.10.2021DigiKomi x Amazon

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity


Meet Tomoko-chan and Fisky-kun

The moe moderators

Our two sugar-sweet moderators will guide you through the varied program during the "DigiKomi: VTuber Edition"! Tomoko-chan and Fisky-kun warmly welcome you to our extensive livestream program of this special DigiKomi. With humor and kawaii vibes, they take you into a colorful anime world - and help you to turn your back on the boring everyday life for a short time!

Tomoko takes over the German-language stream on Twitch, Fisky guides you through the English-language stream on Youtube / PicartoTV.

Who are our DigiKomi moderators?

Tomoko-chan is one of the main DoKomi's mascots. With her sugar-sweet disposition, she has been enchanting the hearts of DoKomi visitors for years - and recently even live on DoKomiTV! Tune in when she takes you to the anime wonderland and experiences numerous adventures with you!

Fisky-kun is a lively catboy with a special penchant for kawaii culture and one of the main mascots of the LGBT Otaku Convention AiKon. As your personal onii-chan, he is at your side with wholesome advice and action. If his silly side comes to light, he takes you on a roller coaster of curiosities, to exotic places and usually with cute sloths, meerkats or kittens attached. His motto: "It's ok for boys to wear skirts!! >//<"

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