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The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

Digikomi World

Meet up with your friends in our digital world!

Your anime online meeting point in 3D!

Enter DigiKomi World

Welcome to DigiKomi World, a small island full of anime fans hidden somewhere in the depths of cyberspace.

In DigiKomi World you can meet up with friends or meet new anime fans. All you need is a headset or something to join voice chat with. Just join us in your web browser to participate. It's very easy and just a click away!

Awaiting you on DigiKomi World:

DigiKomi World rises from the ashes in a new guise! With a new program and great functions, as well as a playful convention flair. There's a lot to discover:

  • Design your individual avatar: use your personal anime profile picture, a live webcam recording of your cosplay or your VTuber avatar
  • Visit the massive Artist Tower, our digital drawing alley! You can chat with the characters across instances via text chat. Particularly exciting: the artist tower can be purchased and gives us the opportunity to digitally present hundreds of local and international artists in the future! In our second instance, too, we present you numerous drawing stands and your artworks, fan projects from Japanese pop culture and of course VTubers with their channels to discover! :D
  • Visit selected exhibitor stands to find out about the latest anime licenses!
  • Let yourself be invited to extensive online shopping!
  • Play mini games like GO and chess!
  • Watch the live stream program on Twitch in Mixup with your friends!
  • Experience the Vocamerica concert by VocalNexus
  • Meet new like-minded people at our digital fan meetings!

How can I participate?

Very easily! Start Mixup in your browser - it's just a click away!

Time schedule

Time The MIXUP world is open all day Saturday from 12 a.m.!