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Meet the famous comic author and dog VTuber

Hello everyone! My name is Merry, and I'm a comic writer, and a VTuber! I've written for WEBTOON for almost 4 years now, and some of my comics include Winter Moon, Everywhere & Nowhere, Stalker x Stalker, Internet Explorer, and Clinic of Horrors!

I stream almost every day on Twitch as well!

I'm really excited to meet readers of my comics, and perhaps introduce them to new readers!"

About Merryweather

Merry is the founder of Merryweather Comics, which has millions of readers across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, NicoNico, and WEBTOON! He's been writing online comics for 8 years, and just recently became a Virtual Streamer!

He's a dog. Not a cat, by the way.

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