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Naruyama Mao

Choice Chamber mit Naruyama Mao

Good Meowning!

About FrauMauzenberger (Naruyama Mao)

"Good Meowing! My name is Naruyama Mao, also called Frau Mauzenberger, and I want to be a cat Idol and bring prosperity and luck to all humans. Still a normal cat I aim to become a Japanese lucky cat! Follow me on my journey to become a Vtuber/Vstreamer idol and enjoy games, cat squealing and funny tongue slips!"

About Mao Naruyama

Mao is the big sister of the German Vtuber-scene. She is a contact person for every possible problem a Vtuber could face and helps everybody as good as she can. She is known for supporting smaller German-speaking Vtubers while having a very active streaming schedule herself. Mostly you will see her gaming away - like she'll do at the DigiKomi! - but she can also talk without a stop about Japan and the world.

About Choice Chamber

Mao will invite you to the Choice Chamber. A metroidvania game, where YOU will be able to decide if she progresses or fails miserably. Write commands into the chat that will be shown on screen and watch what happens! Will Mao get a better sword or will she slip over ice floor into the lava? Who knows ...

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