22. May 2021Stay at home!

The virtual online-convention with focus on interactivity

Cosplay Ball

Dance, atmosphere and common ground from home!

Aaaaaaaaahoi, seaman and seawoman!

Surely you want to know when we can finally set sail? Unfortunately weh ave to wait a litte bit longer unit the big turn starts. So that the time on land and at home doesn´t get too boring, weh ave prepared something for you:

The royal couple will give themselves the honor on the Live Stage on Saturday. In addition, a show of Hexe and her dance partner Micha as representative of the court will be shown for all landlubbers who miss the dance. In spite of all adversity, the two found the possibility of dancing together in these stormy times.

For the curious among you, we tell you a fairy tale about the engagement of the land prince and the sea princess, with all their problems, pirates and sea witches. The engagement party will hopefully take place with all of you at the next DoKomi.

If you want to prepare for this festivity and don't know how, our dress code guardians will help you with all questions the whole time at DigiKomi in the Discord Channel # ball-questions.